Tips about Car Scratch and Dent Repairs

About Clear Coat Scratch Repair

For those who have purchased their car after saving their money for long and had to undergo long-cum- exhausting formalities with bank for acquiring loan, can never bear any scratch or dent on their favorite cars. Of course, nobody buys car for dent or scratches. Even, a small mark can make an owner cry.  The owner loves and takes care of his car like his kid.

He washes, wipes and feed his car in the form of fuel and other oils or lubricants. He always wants to see his car in the best cosmetic condition from outside and inside as well. It is bizarre to believe but men love their cars more than their wives.

So, taking care of your car is really a serious matter for which you need to follow some tips when your car becomes a victim of some scratches or dent. There are two kinds of scratches – major and minor. For major scratches you need to approach specialized services of removing scratches. But, minor or small scratches can be easily treated at home. You don’t need to go to service station and pay money for repair. You can easily remove it with some useful tips mentioned below:

Initial do’s

1)      Examine scratches: Firstly, you need to examine the impact of last night collision. You should carefully inspect your car to locate dents or scratches. You can use your index finger to investigate damage in a better way. It will help you come to a conclusion whether you should take your car to service station or you can handle it on your own.  Once you are confirmed about the severity of damage and if it is minor, you can follow these below given steps:

2)      Choose right materials: You need to buy some good and relevant materials from store. You should buy matching paint, fillers, sand paper, polish etc.

3)      Clean & wash scratches: You can use a use a toothbrush for cleaning dust.  Use sand paper to sand scratches. Again, clean the dust. Then, you need to wash scratches with a good washing powder. Cleaning dust carefully helps you proceed for other steps otherwise it (dust) will hinder in repairing the scratches in a better way.

Crucial Do’s

1)      Apply materials one by one: First of all, you should mix the fillers well to fill small dents. Leave it to dry. Then, use sand paper to smoothen the surface. Use brush again to clean dust. Apply paint on the surface and leave it for a while. You can apply three coats to give perfect finish.

2)      Final touch:  Apply polish once the surface is dry. Here, again you are with a shining and dazzling car.

Know more about Auto Body Paint Supplies & Scratch Repair.

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