How to Fix a Scratch on Your Vehicle by Touch up Paint

Scratch Repair

Where there are cars, there are scratches. These scratches are of various sizes, from thin to wide, from small to large, each have some different technique to remove by touch up paint. The touch up paint though used for removing scratches on one side doesn’t mean on the other hand that you should not follow any procedure for application of auto paint. The process of automotive scratch repair is systematic and requires extreme care. The process of automotive scratch repair is divided into three major steps. We will explain these steps one by one.

First step of auto paint scratch repair includes purchasing the right paint for your car. While buying auto paint, this should be kept in mind that the paint to bought matches with that of the car. Changing of color may result in not getting the desired results. If you don’t know the color of your car don’t worry, there is a plate around driving seat of the car where color of the car is mentioned.

Second step of the fixing scratch of your vehicle is application of the color. Make sure that ht e target area is dust and rust proof while applying the paint. Mixing of paint with touch up paint in proper ratio is very important and one applying the paint can easily understand what should be the ratio as this not a rocket science. The tool used for the application of paint should be set according to the size of scratch. If the scratch are is small then the size of brush should also be small accordingly. Choosing the right size is also very important because the paint applied should not intersect with the paint of car on large area. This gives a non professional finish and one can easily see the paint applied. Before applying the paint, sand the target area so that it makes the surface a little rough which helps the primer in adhering to the surface. Wash the surface also so that the dirt and other non required elements don’t get in your way of removing a scratch.

Apply the color in such fashion that the motion of the brush is from the edges towards the centre making an inward motion. This will give a smoother finish as compared to the motion opposite to that of described before.

In the end give time to the paint to make itself stick to the surface and use wax or polish after that to give a shiny and glossy look.

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Tips for Fixing Scratches on Your Car

ImageDoes your car have any scratch at all? Are you looking for who will help you to get it fixed back to its normal shape? There is no need to bother who will help you to fix the scratches on your car. The truth is this; you can do it yourself. All you need to do is just to give an in-depth attention to this article and you will learn how to fix the scratches on your car. Believe me; you will see your car returned to its normal beauty. This article will help you to handle the problem with your car paint, deep scratch repair, clear coat scratch repair and auto body paint supplies.

You have to follow the following tips if you really want to learn how to fix scratches on your car.

  • You have to check very well the kind of paint the metal of your car needs first. If you really want to get the detailed information you need, you can do so by referring to the manufacturer’s information about the metal and paint of your car. This is to make sure that you don’t deviate from the right paint.
  • Another thing you have to check is if there is any form of rust around the scratch. If there is any rust at all, then you have to consider buying a rust converter. It will help you to get rid of the rust. Meanwhile, you will also consider buying some clear-coat if your car has clear coat-finish.
  • Let us assume now that you have mastered the kind of paint the metal of your car needs, the next thing you have do is to go to an auto-parts store and get the required paint for the car. Mind you, it is not mandatory that you must go to your car manufacturer. You can always go to an auto-parts dealer and he will help you to buy the right paint.
  • When you must have gotten the paint, you have to make sure that the scratched area is well cleaned and dry.
  • Once you are through with this step, you have to check the level of the scratch on your car. Is the scratch too much? If it is not too much, then you can use a soft brush. Meanwhile, if the scratch is too deep, then you have to consider looking for a professional hand.
  • You can also apply a sand paper and your hand by smoothly touching the affected area.
  • This time you can consider applying the paint if you are sure that the scratch didn’t affect the primer. But if it affected the primer, you have to apply the primer first before the touch-up paint.
  • You can now add the clear coat.
  • After the clear coat must have dried, you can now use a polish compound here to ensure that everything rhymes.

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Auto Body Repair Considerations

Clear Coat Scratch Repair

The truth remains that when it comes to getting skills on how to do it yourself, a lot of people are gurus in the area. Let’s just take for instance; you are skilled in mastering how to repair a radio, computer, cell phone or even some things in your car. That is indeed a great effort. But do you think it is the same thing when it has something to do with an auto paint issue? Of course, it is not the same thing here, because there is a big difference between repairing little damages on your car and repairing auto body that has link with paint.

Whenever your car gets an auto paint problem, it becomes a delicate thing that requires careful treatment unlike other auto repair issues. It is something you have to follow a detailed proceed to achieve if not numerous damages may be done to your car. Listen, even the so called auto repair experts try their best to observe these protocols. This is simply because they know how fragile modern cars are unlike in the olden days when someone can simply go to a store and pick all the materials he or she needed to achieve his or her aim.

Nowadays, things have really changed. It is no longer a matter of rushing out to an automobile store to get a complete fender to see the auto paint through. Of course, the reason for this is because of the kind of low quality metal auto mobile companies use in manufacturing modern days cars. This makes cars to be too fragile just like eggs. Now, when it comes to auto body repair so many things are to be put into consideration and detailed care is required to avoid increasing the level of damage.

Therefore, anybody in his or her right mind should take precautions of this situation. What if you do not have all the required tools for the auto repair especially when it has to do with auto paint? Even if you have all the required tools, have you considered if you can really do that without causing much problem to your car?  As I have said earlier, this is because of the fact that auto paint is an auto repair problem that is meant for experts or cautious human beings. Check out the tools you may need – a soft brush, a sandpaper, primer, touch-up paint. Hence, even if you have all that, can you be careful to handle them?

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Auto Body Repair Painting

Are there any scratches on your auto? Is it dented by an accident in the past? Do you want your auto to look as it was few years ago? If these are the questions that are haunting you, then you have come to the right place. The days are gone when we used to worry when an auto gets dented with an accident. With the latest technology in place, we can repair the body of any auto to make it look brand new, no matter to what extent the damage is.

Firstly, the damage is repaired with the latest tools that are capable of handling any damage. We already have spare parts available, so there wouldn’t be much problem in repairing a damaged auto. After repairing the body of the auto, it is important to paint it too. The mechanics these days are equipped with the latest painting tools as well. The auto is painted using the standard colour which retains the old look of the auto. Once the auto is painted, it becomes difficult to find out whether the auto is repaired one or a brand new one.

To get the best quality scratch repair service, you must approach a reputed repairing centre. The cost of repairing may be a bit high here, but the quality you obtain is worth the price. So it is better to get your auto repaired for high price by a good mechanic rather than going for low price and handing over your vehicle to an average mechanic. Customers are attracted by the look of the auto more than anything else. Hence, it is important to maintain the look of your auto in high standard and attract as many customers as you can.

So far we have seen the importance of repair and auto paint  in case of any accident and damage. But it is important to note that, regular repairing and painting of the auto is also necessary irrespective of the accident or damage. During damage, everyone gets their auto repaired. But the intelligent person would be the one who gets his/her auto repaired and painted at frequent intervals to maintain the quality and sheen permanently. If you compare an auto which is repaired and painted regularly with another auto which is not repaired unless there is some damage, you can find the difference. The vehicle that gets repaired regularly stands out between the two.

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Car Scratch Repair – Advantages & Disadvantages of It

ImageCar is prone to scratches every now and then. We can prevent this from happening, but even after taking many precautions, few scratches do appear on the body of the car. So once the scratches appear, it is our responsibility to repair it. No one wants their car to have scratches as it spoils the look of the car. Hence, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages when we go with Car Scratch Repair.


Repairing car to get rid of scratches can improve the look of your car. It is good for both used and new cars. Especially, if it is a new car, you do not want your car to be in scratches after spending thousands of dollars for buying it. We put lot of effort and money while buying the car to get the best brand and increase the fame in the society. But if we do not repair these scratches frequently, no matter how costly your car is, it looks odd. This will get your name and fame down. Hence, it is must to go with car scratch repairs every now and then. This also helps us to save some big damages that may happen if initial care is not taken.

If you are using used car, then car scratch repair becomes essential. You need to take more care in case of used cars when compared to the new ones. These cars already have scratches before you buy. The car dealers take necessary steps to hide and repair the scratches to get a fair look. So not maintaining your car may result in more scratches than usual. We can get rid on a number of problems, if we perform car scratch repair frequently.


Like Advantages, everything in this world has disadvantages too. First of all, repairing means, its quality is reduced when compared to the car that is not repaired (which is in good condition). Moreover, you need to take out your precious time for getting your car repaired. The repaired scratches are prone to come back with little damage and hence, lot of care must be taken to prevent these scratches. Especially, if you are using used cars, then even repair cannot make your car shine like before. After repairing, the car loses its natural look. Once repaired, this process is to be performed frequently at regular intervals and becomes mandatory. Therefore, the maintenance cost increases.

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