How to Fix a Scratch on Your Vehicle by Touch up Paint

Scratch Repair

Where there are cars, there are scratches. These scratches are of various sizes, from thin to wide, from small to large, each have some different technique to remove by touch up paint. The touch up paint though used for removing scratches on one side doesn’t mean on the other hand that you should not follow any procedure for application of auto paint. The process of automotive scratch repair is systematic and requires extreme care. The process of automotive scratch repair is divided into three major steps. We will explain these steps one by one.

First step of auto paint scratch repair includes purchasing the right paint for your car. While buying auto paint, this should be kept in mind that the paint to bought matches with that of the car. Changing of color may result in not getting the desired results. If you don’t know the color of your car don’t worry, there is a plate around driving seat of the car where color of the car is mentioned.

Second step of the fixing scratch of your vehicle is application of the color. Make sure that ht e target area is dust and rust proof while applying the paint. Mixing of paint with touch up paint in proper ratio is very important and one applying the paint can easily understand what should be the ratio as this not a rocket science. The tool used for the application of paint should be set according to the size of scratch. If the scratch are is small then the size of brush should also be small accordingly. Choosing the right size is also very important because the paint applied should not intersect with the paint of car on large area. This gives a non professional finish and one can easily see the paint applied. Before applying the paint, sand the target area so that it makes the surface a little rough which helps the primer in adhering to the surface. Wash the surface also so that the dirt and other non required elements don’t get in your way of removing a scratch.

Apply the color in such fashion that the motion of the brush is from the edges towards the centre making an inward motion. This will give a smoother finish as compared to the motion opposite to that of described before.

In the end give time to the paint to make itself stick to the surface and use wax or polish after that to give a shiny and glossy look.

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