Automotive Scratch Repair Can Be Simple

Scratch Repair

Anyone who owns a car must have experienced an incident which gave birth to a car scratch. This leads to feeling of having burden on one’s pocket if he is going for a mechanic. But if someone takes the responsibility of fixing the problem himself then he should know certain things. This article gives you the overview of how to fix a scratch.

If you own a car which is included in luxury vehicles then there is a possibility of non availability of car paint. This is because the color and finishing of these cars are very sophisticated and professional and thus cannot be achieved by either manually painting or by paint shop. However if the case is opposite to this then you can easily achieve your desired goal. There are certain steps which if followed properly, will lead you to satisfied results. We will explain each step progressively.

The first step in scratch repair is purchasing the right color for your car. Each car has its own specific color, mentioned on the plate near the driver’s seat. Once you are done with that then go for the necessary equipment you will require during the paint job. Along with paint of car, you should also purchase an undercoat. Undercoat is used for anti corrosion and adhesion promoter. This gives a base for the color of the target paint. One thing which should also be considered is that you should check that whether the paint of car consists of two stage coat or one. If the paint is of two stages then you should buy a base coat along with clear coat. The difference between one and two stage coat is that in single coat paint, there is no need of final gloss and the paint coat itself has a glossy and appearance finishing elements and in two stage coat the color and gloss are two different coats. The finish of both of these coats is different from each other so special attention should be given to this.

The second step includes the application of the color. The first coat should be of undercoat. This makes a base for final color. In case of two stage coat, first coat should be of base coat and the second should be of clear coat. If the body paint is single stage then you only need to apply one stage coat. While applying coating one thing should be taken care of is that the applied coat should not overlap with existing body paint.

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